Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ultrasound Tech Jobs

Ultrasound techs work in medical service centers. The only question with regard to the future is to what degree the methods or facilities for diagnostic medical examination change because of a shift in medical insurance and the orientation of medical care.

Ultrasound technicians may be employed at hospitals. Some of those are categorized as general medical hospitals, others as surgical hospitals. Ultrasound technicians may also be employed in physicians’ offices. Medical practices today have grown to include dozens, even hundreds of doctors who have banded together for insurance purposes and for negotiating strength with insurance companies. Many of them maintain pathology labs in their facilities along with X-ray services; it appears that many are adding sonographers as well.

Few are employed in medical and diagnostic laboratories too. These are independent facilities that live off of referrals from physicians or from hospitals that don’t have the appropriate equipment. Some may even work in outpatient clinics, and the remainder are employed by colleges and universities or research facilities.

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